Kat locates more haunted houses to love, Gricel is too scared to sleep, and Bee teaches us kung fu. The lady nerds trade Sarah Waters favorites, look...View Details

In which we break down the horrors of solitude, learn that ghosts will improve most stories, and, as always, expect more murder. All this and more a...View Details

Gricel laments the lack of time, Bee begrudgingly is amazed by a long-awaited trailer, and Kat invites us to a mysterious mansion for a cup of stars. ...View Details

Episode 47: Derry Girls

In which we fangirl over a truly cracker friendship, empathize with a genuinely patient partner, and weigh the merits of Derry's Hot Priest. All this ...View Details

Find yourself a shady spot and grab a beverage as the Bluestockings share the works that make them smile and bring happiness to their days.

Gricel does her homework, Bee suffers through a sequel, and Kat experiences the power of uplifting stories. The lady nerds further discuss the Princes...View Details

In which we fail to do the homework, impart a heartfelt lesson on friendship and the sunk cost fallacy, and are annoyed by senseless adaptational chan...View Details

Kat amps up for a summer of love, Gricel is won over by coffee, and Bee preps us for a princess tale. The lady nerds unearth a forgotten 90s gem, cont...View Details

Episode 45: The Mummy

In which we revel in the combined hotness of the cast, give props to strong female leads while also wishing for stronger female supporting characters,...View Details

Gricel takes a chance on Eternal, Bee is given the Sailor Scout treatment, and Kat readies us for a summer of epic fun. The lady nerds reflect on Sai...View Details

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